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Electrical Safety

Electrical safety in the workplace is a vital part of your health and safety legal requirements for yourself, your staff and your customers. Every business in the UK has a legal obligation to ensure electrical safety of all electrical items.

You can find out if your electrical equipment is safe by carrying out inspection and testing. PAT testing ensures electrical safety of all portable appliances and should be carried out by a certified electrical safety engineer. It is possible to use an electrical socket tester to carry out testing yourself, however many types of socket tester cannot detect certain types of fault and you will not be 100% certain of electrical safety. Specialist or industrial equipment may require additional testing. It is best to seek professional electrical safety advice from a qualified engineer.

Visual inspection of equipment on a regular basis will help spot early signs of damage or deterioration. Electrical safety and PAT testing should be carried out by a qualified PAT tester every year or so (depending on your equipment, environment and circumstances) but your visual inspection of equipment on a regular basis will help prevent accidents and problems early on. Any part of your electrical system or equipment that is showing signs of damange or deterioration should be de-energised or unplugged and an engineer should be called to assess the situation.

We can provide quick, reliable and affordable electrical safety testing and certification for your organisation. For more information please request a quote.

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Low cost PAT testing
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Free minor fixes
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Every one of our visits include:

Fully qualified engineers

Fast, safe and reliable PAT testing for any size business

PAT test certificates

Appliance certificates issued to prove appliance safety

CRB checked engineers

For hospitals, school, home visits and general peace of mind

Free minor repairs

Minor re-wiring, faulty cable grips and faulty plug tops

Appliance logs

A full log of appliance testing and results for inspection

Free re-testing

Any appliances repaired by our engineers undergo a free re-test

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Visit pat-testing.info for more information about the legal requirements of PAT testing.

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